Darold Gleason’s A-rig tips

  1. Match the equipment to the person. A big guy might need an 8-foot rod; a smaller guy might need a 7-foot rod.
  2. Don’t be afraid to try different brands and styles of plastic tails, including curly tail grubs as well as swim baits.
  3. Try lots of locations. There are biting fish somewhere. Someone is catching them somewhere.
  4. Stay focused. If you are throwing this bait in February, you are fishing for the fish of a lifetime. This is not a numbers game this time of year. Don’t throw this bait for two hours and then give up.
  5. Change jighead sizes and vary the speed of your retrieve to change presentation of the lures.
  6. Don’t attempt to throw this bait on a light rod — it’s going to wear you out and frustrate you. Don’t even try it.
  7. Rods rigged with A-rigs are difficult to stow because of the rigs’ multiple hooks. Fold down a rig’s arms and snug a wire-tie over them. Clip off the tag end and discard it. When you want to use the rig, simply slide the wire-tie forward. You do not need to remove it, and the same wire-tie can be re-used.
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