BaitCloud brings the fish to you

Attractant uses sight, smell, sound and feel to create localized activity zone for fish and baitfish

Instead of going out in search of fish, one company is changing the game and actually bringing fish to you.

That’s the premise behind BaitCloud, a fish attractant packed into individual 1 ½-inch diameter balls designed to activate and draw nearby fish to your location.

Once submerged in water, BaitCloud balls — which come in a variety of “flavors” to target multiple species — fizz and bubble, releasing the attractant in the area. And they target multiple sensory indicators for fish: smell from the fish oils and amino acids released, the sound created by the effervescent bubble action, the sight of the Bio-Glitter scale reflections and the feel in a fish’s lateral line created by the action plume.

BaitCloud balls do not contain fish parts as chum, and don’t contain live or prepared bait that would disqualify the product for tournament use, or create a violation of fishing regulations.

The good news is it won’t sour or become rancid, and it has a shelf-life of about a year. All ingredients are totally earth-friendly and bio-degradable.

Each package contains three bait balls, and costs $10.99. Different formulas have been created to target bass, bream and sac-a-lait, as well as an all-around mix good for redfish and trout. It’s also a great way to concentrate fish if you’re using a cast net to catch bait.

For more information, or to buy BaitCloud and try it out on your next trip, click here.

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