Austin’s Handy Dandy Line Winder

This simple line winder allows anglers to quickly and easily respool reels and change out leaders.

Makes changing line on-board a snap

Is there anything worse than having to spool a reel while on the boat? I mean, after you spend the time to snatch the old line off the reel, you then have the pleasure of fighting a plastic spool of new line rolling around the boat — and it’s a pain to ensure you’re putting the line on the reel tightly.

Well, Barataria Bait & Tackle’s Austin Plaisance has found a product that takes all the work out of that chore.

The contraption is so simple it’s hard to believe it’s not more ubiquitous in the fishing world.

What’s the name of this wonder tool?

“I don’t know what it’s called,” Plaisance said. “It’s made in China and comes in just a clear package — no name on it. Call it ‘Austin’s Handy Dandy Line Winder.’”

There’s room for several pools of line to be slipped onto the metal rod. The plastic spools are held tight with a spring-loaded nut.

“That way, the spools can’t turn unless you’re pulling on it,” Plaisance explained.

The frame is bent to allow the terminal end to be inserted into a suction cup that holds tightly to a boat’s console.

And Plaisance usually keeps a few spools of line on the winder.

“If I have a customer who breaks off or gets a big wind knot in the braid, I can quickly cut it and wind on more line so we can keep fishing,” he said.

It’s also perfect for keeping leader material handy.

“I like to downsize my leaders if the fish are finicky,” Plaisance said. “I usually start with 15- to 20-pound fluorcarbon, but I go down from there.

“With this line winder, I can quickly change leader material.”

Austin’s Handy Dandy Line Winder retails for $14.95. Call Barataria Bait & Tackle at (504) 347-4012 or log onto for more information.

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