Video trail cam captures buck shedding antler

The buck left its antler in front of video trail cam

Outdoor writer Justin Hoffman found a nice prize waiting on him when he went to check one of his trail cameras on Jan. 8 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A buck that he’d been keeping tabs on throughout the year left the left side of its rack on the ground in front of his camera.

When checking footage from his trail cam, he realized it was all on video. The buck, which he’d nicknamed “One Side” because it sported only its left-side antler most of the year, had shed that antler the day before. And his trail camera captured the very moment it happened.

A bonus on the video was another buck showing up, noticing the antler, then walking over to check it out before walking away.

That’s a good lesson in why hunters should leave their trail cameras up even after deer season is over!