Trout frenzy on the Mississippi Coast

This was one of those special days where conditions aligned to cook up a feeding frenzy and we were there to experience it. For several hours we caught a fish on nearly every cast amidst the natural beauty of a barrier island in the Mississippi Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Don put us in a trough along the beach where sand bars partially hemmed in the trough creating a deep hole. Bait was hanging out in this hole and we found it because of the bait slicks caused by the many species of predator fish busting the bait.

We only fished with soft artificial baits, which the frenzied fish tore to shreds. We got torn up a bit also, but those injuries are healed now and only the glow of the experience remains.

You can check out more fishing videos from Jon Miller over on hisĀ YouTube channel.

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