The green hornet color has gotten super hot again!

The styles and colors of lures fish find attractive change by the season, and sometimes even by the week or day, depending on a host of factors, including prevalent bait, water temperature and water clarity.

But there are definitely times when trends emerge in certain areas, and two winters ago in South Louisiana, the green hornet color of the Matrix Shad paddle tail was irresistible to anything with fins. It was so head-and-shoulders above anything else, you would have thought there was no possible way anything could have dethroned it the following winter.

But last year, the green hornet appeared to fish like broccoli looks to the average 5-year-old. I fished it a few times, and then kept it locked tight on my tackle box.

This year, however, the green hornet once again seems to be king of the colors! Check out the video for all the details.

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