Locate grass beds in Lake Pontchartrain using sonar

Lake Pontchartrain’s grass beds make for excellent trout fishing, especially during fall. But where can you find them and how do you know they’re there?

This video reveals an advanced tactic that will help you become a more situationally aware inshore angler so you have fun catching more speckled trout (while everyone else is chasing fishing spots posted on Facebook).

This should be important to you as an inshore angler because more people tend to fish during the fall since fish are found closer to the dock, bite more readily and the weather is much nicer.

Community honey holes like the Trestles, Chalmette Wall, MRGO Rocks, Martello Castle and more tend to become overrun by “the Flotilla,” pressuring fish and making it difficult to position your boat and cast a line.

But, if you use sonar to its fullest potential you will find it much easier to locate fish and fishing spots that are yours for the taking.

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