Limit of speckled trout at Martello Castle in Lake Borgne

Join me as I fish the popular Martello Castle in Lake Borgne to catch a limit of speckled trout!

Martello Castle is what we inshore anglers call a “community honey hole,” meaning it’s an easily recognized and obvious fishing spot that tends to give up really good speckled trout fishing, especially during the fall months.

But, like any community honey hole, it can become rather crowded and so pressured that fishing it becomes difficult.

Most people who fish this spot don’t show up until well after the word is out! If they fish the conditions (rather than what they see on Facebook) then they’d be able to have the entire fishing location to themselves just like I did in this video.

Yes, I got there early (in September) and made the most of a strong falling tide to sit in one spot and catch an entire limit of speckled trout, all by myself.

Martello Castle is not the only spot in Lake Borgne that will turn on with speckled trout, and if you possess the knowledge and skills I teach inside LAFB Elite then you’ll know EXACTLY where to go RIGHT NOW to catch an awesome box of speckled trout!

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