Sabine rut is full on

I, Ravin Andrus, killed this 8 point buck Friday, November 29,2019 Black Friday shopping.

It was hot and windy but that didn’t change my determination.

I was hunting on a private clearing in Sabine parish that had just been logged when a doe ran out, but she wasn’t alone. Right on the does tail was a 4 point and behind him was this 8 point. the 3 came out running circles chasing each other. I was amazed at first thinking “look these deer!” I kept having to look up from my scope to find the 8 point. They all came to a sudden stop, and I was able to get the 8 point in my cross hairs and pull the trigger. The 30-06 I was shooting dropped him where he stood. He has a few broken or nicked points, so it’s obvious he’s been fighting.