Claiborne Parish 10-point

Hagan Hay killed this 10-point in Athens, La., on Nov. 23 while hunting with his dad, Mark Hay.

Here’s the story as told by Hagan:

“Me and my dad went out one morning to hunt what we call “The Corner Stand”. Thanksgiving week is always our best chance at killing nice bucks. We got in the stand and my dad looked down the high line and there was a big ol’ buck out there. He walked out at the 300 yard corn pile and I got my 6.5 Creedmore out, but I couldn’t get solid on him. So my dad called out to the deer and he started moving quick, but he went back in the woods. We were about to get out of the stand when the deer came back out. He was broadside at the edge of the woods. I looked through the scope and my dad said he was about 200 yards out. I got solid and squeezed the trigger. And boom, smoked him. We waited until 10:30 to go look for him and walked down there looking for a blood trail. We found some lung blood and followed the trail a little ways. I looked up and there he was. I thought it was an 8-point, but I counted his points and he ended up being a 10-point. I felt confident when I found the deer and so happy. That was the biggest deer I’ve ever killed.”


Photo of the Month

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