Fishing Reports

Rare blue crab

Thane Aucoin of Morgan City caught this rare blue crab off his dock in Lake Palourde with leftover speckled trout bait from a recent fishing trip.

Fishing Reports

Violet’s first redfish

Violet Seymour, 5, hooked and reeled in her first redfish while fishing out of Bayou Grand in the Biloxi marsh with her mother Courtney, her father Brian, and their dog Scout in Sept. 2020.

Fishing Reports

Henderson bass

Morgan Booksh caught these bass, all weighing in at three pounds or more, with spinner baits and by punching lily pads while fishing near Henderson, L.A.

Hunting Reports

Youth weekend 8-pointer

On Oct. 10, the opening day of youth weekend, 15-year-old Ali Martin shot this 8-point, 175 pound buck with a .308 caliber rifle while on a morning hunt with her dad north of Minden, L.A.