Fatal attraction — How to use deer decoys

Deer decoys can stop and even draw deer closer. And West Monroe’s DeWayne Richardson knows exactly how to maximize their use.

Predictable Patience — Why you should wait for the rut to hunt

There is no doubt that the rut is the absolute best time to shoot the biggest buck your property is capable of attracting.

Tracking the deer rut

Let’s dissect some ways to best exploit rutting buck movement. Here are six easily identifiable phases or stages.

Christmas rain deer – Are the Christmas holidays the best time to catch a trophy buck off guard?

Don’t let bad weather keep you off of your stand during the rut. Instead, be in the woods to catch deer moving before and after fronts.

On the rut track

Well, it is now December here in the Deep South, and as far as patterning mature bucks this is the time when the rubber meets the road.

Top 5 tips for hunting the rut

The Top 5 things Darren Boudreaux, state president of the QDMA, does to put himself into position to kill bucks this month.

Sportsman TV: Hunting the Mississippi River whitetail rut

Check out this Sportsman TV episode, featuring some incredible deer-hunting footage and great tips from host Greg Hackney on hunting the rut this fall. 

It’s not too early: Get a jump on the rut with deer scents

Even though the rut in Area 4 near Franklinton is likely still a month away, that didn't stop a nice buck from falling for estrous doe urine used by the author last week.

The rut is where it’s at

The combination of January’s cold weather and lack of native forages will have the deer active and eating in the green patches and at feeders.

Attack the rut: Deer hunters should go on the offensive

As the peak of breeding season arrives, hunters can go on the offensive and use all the tools of the trade to connect with a buck.