Deer of the Year

The 2014-15 deer-hunting season began with high expectations, and after a lackluster start the big deer really began to stack up. Here’s a wrap-up of all the action.

Louisiana is one of the sleeper states in terms of producing big bucks. While places like Kansas and Illinois get all the limelight, Bayou State hunters know there are some real giants roaming our forests.

So when the 2014-15 season opened there were high expectations. And there were some really nice deer killed in October and early November.

But after the previous season — which included Jason Archer’s monster 200-inch non-typical — the beginning of this season was a bit of a letdown.

By the start of Thanksgiving week, we at Louisiana Sportsman had uncovered fewer than 20 Louisiana bucks that really warranted coverage. That list included a short handful of deer over 150 inches, but everyone was waiting for the real parade to begin.

Fen Collinsworth’s 160-class Union Parish 12-point was the signal that the real trophy deer were beginning to move.

From that point on, our writers stayed busy covering deer topping 150 inches.

By mid-January that list of monster bucks appearing on’s big-buck page had grown to more than 50 — and there were still several weeks left in the season.

These fine bucks included Teri Brown’s 15-pointer that has been green scored at more than 208 inches, along with Caity Brown’s 190-inch Morehouse deer.

Shane Ezell killed a wild buck that has somewhere from 23 to 25 points (depending on who’s counting) and green scored over 192 inches.

Oh, and there also were Dustin Anders’ 160-class 8-point and Steven Mitchell’s freakish 23-point killed near Powhatan.

Here’s a full round-up of the action through mid-January.

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