2015-16 Deer of the Year

During a season that featured consistently warm temperatures, torrential rainfalls and deer-season closures, Louisiana still produced some stud bucks. Here’s a look at the best of the best.

The 2015-16 deer hunting season has been one of ups and downs, with temperatures fluctuating on seemingly a daily basis. When it got hot, it stayed in the 80s for longer stretches than hunters wanted.

And then there have been the rains. Man, it seemed like every weekend the sky was crying.

Then, by the New Year, heavy rainfall in the Midwest pushed the Mississippi River out of its channel, and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries closed deer season along much of the Mississippi delta (even outside the levees) as the batture land was swamped.

That was followed by closing much of the Atchafalaya Basin as the Atchafalaya River skyrocketed. And at press time, the northern part of the Spillway was under threat of closure in the eventuality that the Morganza Control Structure was opened.

But whenever seasons were open and the weather got right, big bucks were hitting the ground, keeping our writers busy gathering information and photos on the big kills

Among the more than 30 trophy deer Louisiana Sportsman discovered, 17 of the bucks green scored more than 150 inches.

And five topped 170 inches — including four killed on public land. One of those was a pending No. 1 crossbow buck.

Brutes, one and all.

So sit back and review the season with us.

14-year-old takes 183-inch Russell Sage WMA buck

Bayou Macon WMA gives up 180-class beast 

Crowville hunter kills 179-inch buck on old stomping grounds

Time off work leads to 172-inch public-land buck

Barksdale hunter takes 167-inch buck  

Retired teacher downs 165-inch Ouachita Parish buck

Broken rules end with 161-inch 9-point 

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