Duck calling 101

Effective duck calling There is a big difference between “Contest Calling” and “Blind calling.” What sounds good to a judge in a competition will not convince many ducks to come to your pond. Check out […]

The key to effective decoy spreads is to make them realistic.

Duck decoy spread details

Increasing realism ultimately leads to more birds on your strap Larry Reynolds criss-crosses the Louisiana coastline multiple times each fall — cruising at 100 knots with a bird’s-eye view from just 125 feet up, estimating […]

News Breaker

Teal opening weekend produces mixed results

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ aerial survey last week indicated only a fraction of the typical numbers of blue-winged teal had arrived in the state ahead of opening weekend— and for the most part, hunters who ventured out Saturday and Sunday validated those estimates.



Scouting for teal

As some early-migrating blue-winged teal are already arriving in the Bayou State, hunters are gearing up to chase the feathered rockets from Cameron to Caernarvon and Monroe to Morgan City.