Safety tips for opening day of dove season

The first split of Louisiana’s 2018-19 dove season will open Sept. 1 in both north and south zones. The north zone’s first split will run through Sept. 23. Subsequent splits are Oct. 6 – Nov. 11 and Dec. 16 – Jan. 14. In the south zone, the first split ends on Sept. 9. The second split dates are Oct. 6 – Nov. 25, and final split is Dec. 16 – Jan. 14. […]


The dos and don’ts of dove hunting

The first statewide hunting seasons of fall 2017 opened in September. Louisiana’s dove season will kicked off on Sept. 2 in both the north and south zones. The north zone’s first segment ran through Sunday, and the south zone’s through Sept. 10. The daily limit is 15 and the possession limit after Day Three is 45. Dove hunters will need a basic hunting license and Harvest Information Program (HIP) certification on their person while hunting.