Red Storm

It is your classic good-news/bad-news tale. The good news is there are more red snapper around the oil rigs in the northern Gulf of Mexico today than ever before, and they are much bigger than they have ever been. […]


Bayou Bienvenue is BACK!

Everybody wondered if the fishing action around Bayou Bienvenue could ever recover. Like so many other fishing areas in Southeast Louisiana, Bayou Bienvenue was adversely affected by the BP oil spill and the opening of the Bonnet Carre spillway. […]


Belated Bucks

In the northwest corner of Louisiana, Red River bass fishing guide Russ McVey sits in a box stand overlooking a pipeline with his daughter Madison about to run out of iPod battery. They hope a buck trying to recover from the rut wants to grab a few kernels of corn. […]


The Gold Mine

If you fish the famed Sulfur Mine in Galliano, you likely won’t find any gold, but you will find lots of silver and bronze. This old industrial mine site is a perfect place to take your kayak for limits of wintertime specks and reds. […]


A new year

The old Carol Burnett Show used to end with the phrase “Seems we just got started and before you know, it’s time to go.” For me it seems the deer season just opened, and now this is the last month of the season. […]


Midnight at the marina

It is midnight at the marina where your boat is moored, and water is slowly rising in its bilge. The float switch turns on your automatic bilge pump, but it can’t stay ahead of the leak and the water level creeps upward. […]