Bass Fishing

Venice bass are back following Hurricane Isaac

It is hard to think of catchy line to announce the news about Venice: Bass fishing is making a comeback. Several club tournaments and reporters are beginning to see an upswing on Venice bass.

Hurricane Isaac did a number on the lower Mississippi Delta, but Mother Nature has a way of repopulating an area. Immediately after the storm, reports were dismal to total devastation. But never underestimate the power of the mighty Mississippi and the amount of sediment, food and fish she moves in a few short months. […]

News Breaker

Aerial Waterfowl Survey finds 20 percent fewer ducks in area than last November

In what may come as bad news for local duck hunters the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has found a drop in the number of ducks estimated to be in the coastal region of the state by 20 percent over the beginning of the season last year.

LDWF’s count comes from a Nov. 7-9 aerial survey in which a manual count was executed during an aircraft flyover of the region of the state south of Highway 90.

The biggest trends reported in the survey were a large decline in blue-winged teal from 451,000 to only 33,000 and far fewer coots from a record high 1.84 million to 555,000. […]

Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Ducks flock to Lake Salvador

Ducks have poured into the marshes surrounding the Salvador Wildlife Management Area, providing great hunting for those who have headed to the public property since opening day.

Many hunters who headed out of Pier 90 in Luling have returned with their limit of gray ducks, teal and gadwall. George Garcia, the harbor master at Pier 90, said last week that hunters either got their limits or returned because they had run out of shells. […]

Inshore Fishing

Watch water temps for Biloxi Marsh trout-fishing success

Capt. Mike Gallo was faced with a bit of a dilemma on Nov. 14. After a morning spent fishing for trout with clients at The Trestles in Lake Pontchartrain, Geoghegan’s Canal just off The Rigolets and another stop in the Pearl River Basin, his group had only boated a handful of fish.

But just before noon, Gallo received a call from another of his captains who said fishing was hot at the MRGO on the south shore.

“As I’ve asked so many others before, I said, ‘Do you have planes, trains or busses to catch?’ One (client) said, ‘The only place I have to be is Thanksgiving,’” Gallo said. “So off we went. By 3:30, we had 45 trout, a dozen or so over 18 inches.” […]


Tricks of the trade

Whenever I bring up the topic of mature bucks, I am referring to that segment of the buck population that is aged 5 ½ years old or older. True “mature bucks” can be as rare as proverbial “hens teeth” in most populations in the whitetail’s range. […]


Fall’N for specks

The specks are coming, the specks are coming! That jubilant cry can be heard from ’yakers all across coastal Louisiana. Fall is here, and hungry trout are filling the interior marshes where they’ll be easily accessible to kayak anglers for the next several months. […]

Events & Announcements

Deer dominate December issue

The Louisiana Sportsman staff is in the process of wrapping up the 300-page December issue today (Nov. 15) so subscribers and stores across the state can begin receiving their magazines next week — and it’s filled with information on how to be more successful in the coming month. […]