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Paper mill caused massive Pearl River fish kill, company admits

Temple-Inland Inc. admitted a discharge at it’s Bogalusa plant caused the massive Pearl River fish kill that has included bass, catfish, paddlefish and federally protected Gulf sturgeon.

“We never lose sight that we are members and supporters of the Bogalusa area and apologize for the impact this issue at the mill has had on the Pearl River, its aqua culture (sic) and surrounding communities,” Temple-Inland’s Doyle Simmons said today (Aug. 17) in a news release. “We are working diligently and expeditiously to remove the fish kill and restore the quality of the river.” […]

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Pearl River fish kill under investigation

A large Pearl River fish kill reported Saturday (Aug. 13) could have been caused by an influx of partially treated and untreated wastewater, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reported today (Aug. 15).

LDWF biologists were working with several other agencies to determine the cause of the kill, which included bass, catfish, bluegill, shad, paddlefish and eels. Several thousand fish were seen dead or dying along the river, the agency reported. […]

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Targeting teal

Teal are considered one of the hardest ducks to hit due to their erratic low-level flight. Teal flying just above marsh grasses and the lowest trees give the elusion they are flying ultra-fast. […]