Specks, reds hustle to new bait

Besides the fact a red-hot soft plastic is the go-to artificial lure whenever he goes fishing — putting speckled trout and redfish in the boat when it counts — there’s another good reason the Hackberry Hustler is a runaway favorite for veteran guide Kirk Stansel and his brothers Bobby and Guy.[…]


Searching for Mr. Right

The quest for trophies in modern hunting and fishing is unquenchable. More and more deer hunters put up high fences to segregate the animals under their control from surrounding populations and then buy trophy bucks to upgrade the “quality” of their herd. If you can’t get a trophy any other way — well, you just grow your own.[…]


Here come the electric boats

Maybe it was the $5-a-gallon gas we saw back at the beginning of the current economic slump or maybe it’s just part of the growing green movement, but the number of boat makers offering models with electric primary power instead of gas engines is amping up.[…]