Is it live, or …?

Do you remember how that wine glass shattered when Ella Fitzgerald hit the high note in a Memorex commercial several years ago? Then, to make you really think hard about their new audiocassette, the producers recorded her same note to the tape.[…]


Monsters & Maniacs

Over the roar of several airboat engines, the bay dogs could be heard barking at the top of their lungs. The catch dogs were released, and suddenly, the piercing squeal of a dog-caught wild boar was added to the mix.[…]

Bass Fishing

Bass Ackwards

Several years ago, during a Louisiana Bass Federation State Tournament on Lake D’Arbonne in Farmerville, I was paired up with an angler who had some crazy ideas.[…]


Snapper Savior?

The Gulf of Mexico red snapper fishery has become the poster child for fishery management failure in the United States. Fisheries management experts paint an ever more-gloomy picture for the recovery of the fishery.[…]