Got motor trouble? I can help

Hello, and welcome to all the readers of Louisiana Sportsman magazine. For those of you who don’t know me, I was first christened with the name “The Boat Doctor” way back in 1983 when I was a guest on the WWL outdoors radio program.[…]


Rare Jewels

While deer hunting out of a tree stand last year, I learned the productivity for pondering the deep mysteries of life when you’re high above the earth, close to God and free to meditate away from ringing telephones, loud music and people with nothing to do but interrupt your work.[…]


Claiborne Conundrum

There are plenty voices rising above North Louisiana suggesting that Lake Claiborne, a 6,400-acre impoundment 25 miles northwest of Ruston, has become an enigma — a mystery wrapped in a riddle.[…]


No need to avoid crappie tackle

Find a list of North America’s great fly-fishing waters, and it’s a sure bet that list will include the coral flats of South Andros, the mangrove-lined creeks of south Florida, the meadow streams of Yellowstone and the salmon-filled rivers of Alaska.[…]


Down But Not Out

The cold blustery days of February signal prime time on the Midnight Lump. This legendary fish magnet, located roughly 22 miles off the mouth of Southwest Pass, is an ancient salt dome rising from 450 feet of cobalt blue water.[…]


Monster Mash

This hunting season was the first in several years that featured consistently cool weather, and Louisiana’s sportsmen responded by hitting the woods with dreams of big bucks dancing in their heads.[…]