The Cousin’s Tale

He missed the really exciting times in the swamp.

By the time he got out of the Army, back from Vietnam, and back in college, working on his graduate degree, it was several years after all the night hunting and control shooting had occurred.[…]


Oodles of Options

Big Lake has a well-deserved reputation for outstanding speckled trout and redfish angling in its wide-open 52,000 surface acres.

But October provides an outstanding opportunity for fishermen to stretch their wings to other regions north of Calcasieu Lake.[…]


Living (DU)large

Heaven for Brennan Head feels a lot like hell.

When the rest of South Louisiana is perspiring at leisure and debating the feasibility of cooking breakfast on the sidewalk, Head is smiling.[…]


Keep Your Powder Dry

I admit I was pumped. The prospect of taking a deer with my muzzleloader on video set pretty well with me.

I was hunting with good friend Luke Lewis on a hunting lease that is adjacent to Jackson-Bienville Wildlife Management Area south of Ruston. Lewis, a wildlife biologist, planned to video me taking a deer on video, and was all set to preserve my special moment for my grandchildren to one day enjoy.