These didn’t look ANYTHING like pick-box draftees. None wore the battered sneakers and long-sleeved work shirt. None wore that huge straw sombrero and baggy pantaloons. None looked like Edith Bunker or Phyllis Diller. No, the sight of these had us RIVETED.[…]


O’Steen Offshore

It’s difficult to imagine an offshore fisherman who goes on an overnight fishing trip every doable weekend for four or five months being called “soft” or “a wuss,” but that’s what Dr. Russell O’Steen gets for finally admitting he’s reached the point where he no longer “goes regardless.”[…]


Main Attraction


A jolt of energy shot up my line and transferred to my rod tip. Some unseen fish had just struck my silver Croakertail bait; there was no doubt about it.[…]


Croaker Soakers

Steve Lahare can make a sandwich better than Emeril Lagasse and complete an income-tax return faster than H&R Block, but when it comes to fishing, he’s no Bill Dance.[…]

Bass Fishing

Classic Concentration

Louisiana bass anglers haven’t had a native son to cheer for during the Bassmasters Classic since 1999, when Baton Rouge’s Rodney Wagley earned a berth in the first New Orleans Classic.[…]


Marsh Maggots

“You’re not going to believe this,” said Bryce Michel as we sped across Lake Decade. “I don’t know how much they told you about this deal, but it really is unbelievable.”[…]