With a radar app on every smartphone, it's a lot easier now to slip out on the water between rain showers than it was just a decade ago. My son Joel and I did that on Friday, motoring our bay boat over bumpy seas to a grass flat we hoped would hold some topwater-munching speckled trout.

Water temperatures were down, thanks to unseasonably cold weather that followed last week's front, and clarity was not as good as it could have been. Those factors should have really conspired against us, but the fish still cooperated, sucking down obnoxiously loud and garishly colored MirrOlure She Dogs.

Unfortunately, however, we had to leave the speckled trout biting when the radar showed a storm with red in it closing in on us quickly. It was still a fun trip with fast action that hasn't yet reached its peak.

Speckled trout should still be in the transition areas between the wintering grounds and the spawning bays for another month or so. After that, topwater enthusiasts will have to focus on more salty waters.

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