“We fished this very spot,” murmured 59-year-old Rickey Lee. “I can’t remember names and faces, but I can remember where I caught a fish.”

Pointing to a cypress tree, he added, “That’s where I caught my first 5-pound bass. It was on a black and yellow H & H spinner. I was about 11. He said, ‘I knew you had it in you.’”

The “he” Lee was referring to was Derwood Jordan, an adult neighbor who took him bass fishing in Lake Bistineau. Lee’s father fished for white perch (crappie) and catfish with yo-yos. But he didn’t bass fish.

“He (Jordan) had an aluminum jon boat with a 5 ½ horsepower Johnson on it. I ran the motor and he paddled us to fish. His knowledge of the lake was incredible.

“When I started fishing with him, I kept my baits in a matchbox; a black and yellow H & H, a Cotton Cordell Red Fin and some worms. 

“Back then, we kept everything. Now I don’t keep a bass. When I want to eat fish, I get my white perch pole.” 

He has been a serious tournament fisherman for 30 years, now fishing two major circuits with partner Jeremy Botica, the BOSS Tournament Trail and the H&W Marine Team Trail, plus multiple local benefit tournaments.

But his love has always been Lake Bistineau, and his name is almost synonymous with fishing and hunting the lake.

It was no sweat launching Lee’s boat that morning. He put in right next to his house perched on Bistineau’s shoreline. From there, he ran to the north end of the elongated reservoir. 

This end of the lake had a