Bass Fishing

Bistineau bigmouths

“We fished this very spot,” murmured 59-year-old Rickey Lee. “I can’t remember names and faces, but I can remember where I caught a fish.” […]

Bass Fishing

Lake Bistineau bass already on beds

Although the calendar says it’s only Feb. 2, don’t tell that to the bass on the north end of Lake Bistineau in Webster Parish — they’re already on beds spawning in shallow water, according to a local angler. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Giant salvinia spraying begins on Lake Bistineau

Aerial spraying of giant salvinia is set to begin today on Lake Bistineau in an effort to control the aquatic vegetation that has taken over the reservoir, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries announced.

Helicopter crews will conduct the spraying over two days, with workers in airboats following up with additional spraying in areas of thick concentration among dense cypress trees, the LDWF said. […]