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VIDEO: What happens when a Coonass gets stuck after the tide falls 4 feet?

Anglers in South Louisiana deal with falling tides all the time, but when you head up the East Coast the tides are a bit different — which is what Gonzales’ Gerald Spohrer discovered while practicing for a Bassmaster Open on the James River in Virginia.

“Talk about tide swings over here … it’s nothing like we’re used to back home,” Spohrer said, speaking into his GoPro camera. “I’ll give you an example: I’ve been back here for a while, and the tide fell out on me about 4 feet. So I’ve got to try to get out of here or stay back here all day — and that’s not going to happen.

“So what happens when a Coonass gets stuck in a situation where the tide falls on him 4 feet? We’re about to run across this mud flat and see what happens.”


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VIDEO: Bobcat attacks turkey hunter

It’s a good bet the Virginia hunter in the attached video thought he was capturing a special moment when a bobcat responded to his turkey call, stalking to within feet of the man’s position.

And the camouflaged man was correct — especially when the slinking feline charged the concealed hunter.