Inshore Fishing

Watch water temps for Biloxi Marsh trout-fishing success

Capt. Mike Gallo was faced with a bit of a dilemma on Nov. 14. After a morning spent fishing for trout with clients at The Trestles in Lake Pontchartrain, Geoghegan’s Canal just off The Rigolets and another stop in the Pearl River Basin, his group had only boated a handful of fish.

But just before noon, Gallo received a call from another of his captains who said fishing was hot at the MRGO on the south shore.

“As I’ve asked so many others before, I said, ‘Do you have planes, trains or busses to catch?’ One (client) said, ‘The only place I have to be is Thanksgiving,’” Gallo said. “So off we went. By 3:30, we had 45 trout, a dozen or so over 18 inches.” […]