Gun cleaning miracle home remedy

This month, we’re supplying you with one of those tips you will wish you had discovered long ago. It’s a cleaning liquid so simple, so easily concocted, you’ll probably wonder why you never heard about it before.



Wardens often on the prowl for poachers after dark

Nighttime is the realm of both the poacher and the game warden. Fifty percent or more of an enforcement agent’s time is spent working at night. Few people realize just how much illegal activity takes place after the sun goes down, particularly when hunting seasons are open. […]


Field judging a buck’s age, Part II

In the March installment of Happy Trails, we looked at the topic of “aging bucks on the hoof,” paying particular attention to the possible use of certain visual geometric clues regarding the relationship of the tips of the antler beams to the eye and/or nose when viewed from the side as a way to reliably judge a given buck’s age in the field. […]


Safe ’yaking is no accident

Kayak fishing is fun, exciting and safe. However, like any outdoor pursuit, especially one involving water, there are some situations that can present danger. Preparation and common sense can help turn a potentially life-threatening incident into nothing more than an inconvenience. […]


The Matrix Shad

There are sound reasons behind the growing success of one of the hottest soft plastics for saltwater and, even, freshwater fish from Biloxi, Miss., to Houma and beyond in the Sportsman’s Paradise. […]


Hobie Kayak

As the inventor of the revolutionary Mirage Drive pedal propulsion system, Hobie is the leader in pedal-powered fishing kayaks. The paddle is replaced by the sheer efficiency of the pedal and opens up anglers to the world of fast, efficient, hand-free fishing. State-of-the-art angler friendly innovations come standard on all Hobie fishing kayaks. […]


Diablo Paddlesports

Diablo’s Sup-Yaks are a hybrid of two great traditions: stand-up paddleboard surfing and kayaking. Their unique design offers the best of both worlds without sacrificing the joy of either. Stand up to fish, sit down to paddle. […]


Wilderness Systems

Wilderness Systems kayaks are designed to get you where you want to be, more often — on the water. Special Angler editions are geared toward the technical needs of kayak fishermen. Stability, durability and fishability are molded into ever Wilderness Systems kayak. […]


Native Watercraft

Native believes there’s nothing like the view from the water. Knowing that kayak anglers have different needs and options, Native offers several models of angler-specific kayaks. Paddle or pedal, there’s a Native kayak to fit the bill. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Best chinquapin baits

Effective artificial lures for chinquapin include hair jigs (for instance the Poppa Chops), as well as Johnson, Betts or H&H Beetle Spins. The best sizes for working around cypress and tupelo trees are the 1/16-ounce or 1/32-ounce versions. […]


Hurricane Kayaks

Hurricane is the leader in lightweight kayaks. Their ‘yaks are on average 10 pounds lighter than comparable boats in the same category. A lighter boat means more efficient paddling. Hurricane brings its hi-tech, hi-performance attitude to their fishing kayaks. Style, performance and durability combine to get you comfortably and quickly to your favorite fishing spots. […]