Best tips for more crappie

Whether it’s a jig or a shiner, West Monroe’s Ronnie Turner always adds a little lagniappe for his crappie.

Here are his best three tip tips:

  1. Tip everything — “I tip almost every bait with something,” Turner said. “I believe that the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish. And adding something extra just gives the fish a little bit more to get excited about.”
  2. Top tips — Turner puts shiners on jigheads and often on Roadrunner jigs. He hooks them through the lips so they can swim freely and live longer. When he’s not getting a lot of bites, he’ll also tip his jigs or shiners with crappie nibbles. His favorite color is pink, although most D’Arbonne fishermen seem to like chartreuse or chartreuse/glitter best.
  3. Add more action — His final tip tip is to add a thin plastic pink or chartreuse Crappie Psychic plastic trailer. Not only does this add action, they also have “psychic sauce” infused in each one.
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