Study tide charts for December trout success, veteran guide says

Move with the tide to keep the fish biting

We’ve all been there: We pull up to our favorite fishing hole to find the trout absolutely mauling anything hitting the water — and then the tide stops moving and you can’t buy a bite.

Many anglers either sit through the slack period, hoping the fish turn on again when the current restarts, or head back to the landing satisfied with the fish already chilling in the box.

But Custom Charters’ Capt. Tommy Pellegrin said a better option is moving to another spot where the tide hasn’t stopped yet.

“If you want to be successful, do your homework,” Pellegrin said. “Study the tide tables so you’re in the right place for the tide.”

Over the years, this veteran fishing guide has learned he can jump from place to place as the tide either peaks or bottoms out.

“You chase the tide,” Pellegrin said. “You just follow the tide. You’ll continue catching fish where there is some tidal movement.”

For instance, when fishing the Dularge area, the tide peaks and bottoms out about 30 minutes earlier in Caillou Boca than at Cocodrie. So you’d start your day at Caillou Boca and work your way north to hit areas in which the tide remains active.

He said that rule means you can jump from one side of a major lake to another and pick up fish before having to move along.

So it’s worth the effort to dig up every tide chart available in your favorite area. The effort pays dividends in filled boxes of trout — without having to stay all day long.

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