Solid teal season ended Sunday

Consistent action reported over the 16-day season

Hunters on Sunday wrapped up the 2015 teal season, which according to several reports, seemed to deliver pretty consistent action across the state over the 16-day season.

“The whole teal season this year was solid. There wasn’t much of a slow point,” said Capt. Cody Obiol, with Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras. “It seemed like the teal came and stayed. Everyone I talked to from Batptiste Collette all the way to Bay Denise was killing limits almost everyday.”

Despite persistent east winds that raised water levels toward the end of the season, Obiol said the abundance of grass and vegetation east of the Mississippi River kept the ducks in the area.

According to the Cajun Fishing Adventures website, 160 hunters shot 827 birds, for an average of more than five teal per hunter.

“The high water kind of slowed it down a little bit, we were still able to kill them,” he said. “It was steady action. It wasn’t real fast the whole time, but it was steady.

“There were birds coming in pretty often.”

Sportsman TV producer Jared Serigné said the same thing about the action in Caernarvon.

“It just seemed to stay pretty consistent,” he said. “Other than one Sunday, I never really noticed a drop off or a rise. It must have been a steady trickle of birds.

“It was good the entire two weeks.”

Capt. Nick Poe, with Big Lake Guide Service, said action slowed considerably the final weekend in the marshes near Sweet Lake, but overall it was a solid season.

“I think in 15 days, we killed seven limits, so that wasn’t too bad,” Poe said. “Every other day except for the last three were pretty good. It did slow down a lot toward the last weekend.”

Consistent was a word used by Poe as well in describing the season.

“I think the birds just stayed around,” he said. “We might have lost a few birds after the first five days, but they didn’t act any different from day to day.

“I think it was the same birds the whole time — it just stayed pretty consistent.”

David Faul, with Bin There Hunting in Welsh, said 210 hunters killed 922 teal this season, a new record for his property. But he thinks the bulk of teal have yet to arrive.

“I think the reason our count was so good is because we were allowed six birds instead of four,” Faul said. “There wasn’t a single green-wing shot, and we normally shoot a few green-wings.

“That’s telling me they aren’t down here yet.”

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