Hurricane Isaac delivers crippling blow to Delacroix

Sweetwater Marina damaged, Serigne’s ‘flattened,’ user says

Delacroix was devastated in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina blasted through the area, and it was delivered another crippling blow by the much weaker but slower Hurricane Isaac this week, a user who works with Sweetwater Marina reported today.

“It’s not good at all,” Scott Walker said. “They still have water down there, as of now. It’s slowly going out, but it’ll be several days until we can get down and walk around. Now he can drive the road down now.”

Walker, aka nighfisher, said he spoke with Sweetwater Marina owner Jake Payne who made it down to the area yesterday. Payne told him that power is out and will take some time to restore because many of the lines are down.

Worse, however, is the damage to the area from the storm surge.

“Everything that was elevated looked like it fared out good,” Walker said. “Everyting on the ground did not.”

The picture at Sweetwater Marina was mixed. The lodge was virtually unscathed.

“Once they get electricity, they’ll be able to allow people to come down there and stay,” Walker said.

However, all of the marina’s on-the-ground facilities were virtually erased.

“The store is destroyed,” Walker said. “It will have to be completely rebuilt.”

And Sweetwater wasn’t the only damaged facility.

“Serigne’s is flattened,” Walker said.

Walker said Payne has received a lot of calls offering help.

“Jack said that (once the area is opened) anybody who wants to come help can bring shovels,” Walker said. “But he’s got a lot going on, so my advice is to get in touch with me; he’s going to let me know when people can get down there.

“We’re shooting for next Saturday to start.”

Walker can be called and texted at 985-222-3509 or emailed at

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