Five students complete the LDWF Enforcement Division Internship Program

Left to right: Sgt. Anthony Corner, Mason Giroir, Jake Ducet, Patrick Stevens, Michael Gaspard, De’Cartizae Pates, Lt. Ryan Faul and Col. Rachel Zechenelly. (Photo courtesy LDWF)

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries honored five Louisiana college students who completed the agency’s Enforcement Internship Program.

De’Cartizae Pates from University of Louisiana at Monroe, Michael Gaspard from Louisiana State University at Eunice, Patrick Stevens from McNeese State University, Mason Giroir from Nicholls State University and Jake Doucet from University of Louisiana at Lafayette completed the LDWF Enforcement Division’s internship program.

The students gave their final presentations on May 9 at the LDWF HQ building in Baton Rouge to receive college credit from their universities. Their presentations highlight the experiences they had working with enforcement agents and their interactions with the public.

The LDWF Enforcement Division started their internship program in 2021 with the goal of providing college students relevant experience in conservation law enforcement and potentially a career as an LDWF Enforcement Agent.

The internship program lasts between 90 to 130 hours and consists of shadowing LDWF agents in the field such as during patrols, training and outreach programs that will help them acquire a broad knowledge of LDWF Enforcement Agent activities.

College and University Internship Coordinators and Faculty that are interested in offering the LDWF Enforcement Division Internship at their college or university can contact LDWF Internship Coordinator Sgt. Anthony Corner at