Zuschlag named DU Ambassador to Conservation

Acadian Ambulance CEO honored at recent state convention

Richard Zuschlag received the inaugural state chairman’s Ambassador to Conservation award during the state convention in Lafayette, according to a release from Ducks Unlimited.

“I created this award with Richard in mind for all he has done as a supporter and champion for DU,” said State Chairman Jay Owen. “It will now be given annually to recognize an individual who has shown dedication to the mission of Ducks Unlimited and has been a promoter of the organization and its work throughout Louisiana and North America.”

Zuschlag co-founded Acadian Ambulance Service in 1971 and continues to serve as its chairman and chief executive officer.

An avid duck hunter, Zuschlag understands DU’s mission.

“It is an honor for me to work with DU because I am a big believer in conservation. Ducks Unlimited has done a tremendous amount of work to help us restore our wetlands in Louisiana and throughout North America,” Zuschlag said in the release. “DU is one of the most respected and admired conservation organizations around because they are able to bring all stakeholders together — from government officials and private donors to scientists and think tanks — all with the single purpose to maximize our conservation efforts.”

As a DU Legacy Sponsor and charter member of the President’s Council, Zuschlag often opens his private Grande View Lodge in Creole for Ducks Unlimited use.

“The importance of Richard’s generosity to Ducks Unlimited can’t be overstated,” DU Managing Director of Development Chad Manlove said. “Without dedicated conservationists like Richard, DU wouldn’t be able to meet our mission of conserving waterfowl habitat across North America.”

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