Two waterfowl-hunting zones close next week

Duck hunting in Coastal, Eastern zones shut down for split.

Split waterfowl-hunting dates and the newly created third hunting zone has left some duck hunters confused as to when the first split ends for their zone. And two of the three waterfowl zones close down after this weekend.

The two hunting closures for the first split are the Coastal and Eastern zones as defined by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries. Hunting in the Western Zone continues through Dec. 9, LDWF regulations stipulate.

Due to the creation of the coastal zone, the old east and west zones have been meandered into new positions and, according to the LDWF Web site, the new vertical border between the old zones starts at the Arkansas border, running down through Bossier Parish to Shreveport, then making a 70-degree easterly turn to merge, southbound, with Louisiana Highway 167. The boundary then runs down through Alexandria to Evangeline Parish, where all three zones are juxtaposed.

The Coastal Zone’s northern-most reach is in central Evangeline Parish at the three-zone meeting point. Anything south of Highway 90 to the east is designated as being within the Coastal Zone.

All parishes directly west of Lafayette are now designated as being within the coastal zone as well.

Click here for the full description of each duck-hunting zone.

According to the LDWF, the new zone hunting dates are as follows:

Western zone — the first segment for the western zone will end on Dec. 9. The second segment runs from Dec. 22 through  Jan. 20.

Coastal zone — the first segment for the coastal zone will end on Dec. 2, with the second segment beginning on Dec. 15 and ending Jan. 20.

Eastern zones — the first segment ends Dec. 2. The second segment will start on Dec. 15 and end on Jan. 27.