Late-Season Squealers

Round out your duck season right by targetting wood ducks using these “out of the box” tactics.

I opened the email and started to read. “And, like a drug pusher,” it began, “he eased the intoxicating liquor of waterfowl feather to his friend. ‘Take a sip,’ he said. ‘If you don’t like it, that’s okay.’ Duck hunters are a strange lot and it’s not for everybody.

“His friend tasted and it was good. The gaudy drake colors, the touch of the feathers, the effort of the outing on a cold morning; like a smoke filled bar, with favorite song and a first love girl friend, it became apparent — perhaps he is a waterfowl hunter.”

My good friend and Sportsman contributing writer John Flores had hit on something. Flores and I regularly exchanged emails during last year’s hunting season, and I often told him about the large number of wood ducks I saw in Dugdemona swamp while chasing deer. Click here to read more on Late-Season Squealers

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