Taylor Targets

Steel targets give you instant feedback on shooting range

Paper targets are great for sighting in your gun, but once that’s done, there’s nothing like shooting at steel — with the satisfying “clang” after your shot to let you know you connected.

Lea Benoit at Bowie Outfitters said Taylor Targets are great fun, and make a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves to shoot.

“Once you shoot at steel, you’ll never go back to shooting at anything else. There’s something about being able to hear what you shoot at,” Benoit said. “On a long-distance shot, you hear what you did, instead of pulling the trigger and getting your binoculars out and saying, ‘I’m pretty sure I hit it.’

“With Taylor’s steel targets, you hit it and that sucker gongs on you, and you know exactly what you’ve done.”

Taylor makes steel targets for rimfire, handguns and rifles. Prices at Bowie’s range from $24.99 to $159.99. Click here for more information.

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