Insane Blast and Cast Hog Hunt

Season 6, Episode 2

Venice, Louisiana is one of the top filming destinations for Sportsman TV. Over the last 5 seasons, Greg Hackney and Producer Jared Serigne have a filmed a number of episodes in Venice ranging from bass fishing, duck hunting, redfish, red snapper and tuna fishing. The crew has always had a good time and gotten their episodes done when they go to Venice. This episode was no different. For this show they hooked up with Capt. Kevin Drury of Limitless Waterfowl Outfitters. Kevin took Greg and Jared for a Venice style adventure in his Gator Tail boat and motor.

The premise of the show was to do a cast and blast- not a duck hunt however, but a feral pig hunt. The Venice area boasts a strong population of feral hogs. The animals thrive in the marshy environment and live along the ridges of passes, canals, and bayous all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.

The fishing was a big time mixed bag with over 6 different species being caught. The primary targets were freshwater catfish and redfish and Venice’s incredible fishery held strong. Drury and Hackney caught lots of redfish and some decent catfish as well. In the episode they talk about how the Mississippi River level effects the fishing in Venice and what are some the things you should be watching for as the river level changes.

As for the hog hunt, this is where Drury truly shines. A life-long hunter who also works as a duck guide, Drury did his best to put Hackney on a hog. The original plan was to chase down a hog from Drury’s Gator Tail but as the hog patterns changed, so did the plan. What happens on this hog hunt is one the best moments of Sportsman TV history according Hackney and Serigne. “The hog hunt was something like going on Safari. Kevin is a gamey dude who put us on a fun hunt and I think the viewers are going to love this one” says Hackney.