Hog blast on the Delta

Atchafalaya Delta WMA gets cranking.

My buddy Randy Levingston and I, used the recent cold, windy weather to stalk up some hogs down at the Delta. Three big ones came out on Randy right before dark. He put an arrow in the largest one and the fun began.

It ran off into the myrtles and when we started trailing it, there were several others in there grunting and making quite a lot of noise.

Nothing like being in close quarters, on a very dark night with nothing but a headlight to try to find a big ole hog, that may still be alive and hacked of to boot!

We found no arrow and no blood, but Randy was confident with the shot.

He said the hog turned just as he released and the arrow had gone into the hog’s head.

After 20 minutes of searching, we still had no blood and not even any tracks.

Suddenly 2 of the hogs still milling around, started making fake charges at Randy. One of them got within a few feet of him then turned and backed off. It appeared that one of the hogs was emitting a noise that sounded like distress.

Eventually all the sound died down and we still had not recovered the hog. I asked God in a silent prayer to please help us find this hog and less than a minute later, Randy called me over to his location.

He had found a big black hog, but was not sure if it was dead yet. We approached it carefully and it had indeed expired. It was a massive black sow.

We had brought my deer cart just in case, but it was a 10 minutes walk back toward the boat. I grabbed both of our bows and headed back to retrieve the cart, while Randy gutted the big mama to reduce some of the weight.

The 100 grain Muzzy arrow had gone in under the eye and lodged in the throat. It was a long, hard pull back to the boat and a long ride back home. We did not get back to Morgan City until 11:30 pm and still had to skin the hog.

Finally got to bed around 2:00 am in the morning.

Tired and worn out—but what an adventure!