GameSaver vacuum-sealer keeps frozen game fresh for the long haul

Preserves meat up to five times longer than traditional packaging methods

If your freezer is full of fish and game stored inside frosty bags with faded dates and names, consider a new, more-effective storage method as hunting season approaches this fall.

By storing frozen game in high-quality, vacuum-sealed storage bags rather than lock-top bags, twist ties or with freezer paper,  the game can be kept fresh up to five times longer than with traditional packaging methods.

Available in three different models to fit a variety of applications, FoodSaver GameSaver sealing systems can do just that.

The GameSaver Bronze G300 features a base that tilts to a vertical position, providing versatile storage options in the home or garage. And with a quality seal, it’s a great fit for smaller processing jobs typically performed on the kitchen countertop.

For on-the-go packaging, the Silver G500 features a 12-volt adaptor cord that can be plugged into any standard vehicle power port. It has a rugged shell, large operating buttons and can perform 25 consecutive seals in the field without overheating.

For larger jobs, the Titanium G800 can do 100 consecutive seals without overheating, and also features two heating strips that can provide a double-seal for added security. Additionally, the G800 seals bags up to 15-inches wide to preserve larger game.

All models have built-in bag cutters to make customized packaging quick and easy, and also feature a removable dishwasher-safe drip tray to capture excess moisture while in use.

FoodSaver GameSaver storage bags have specially designed channels that allow for the complete removal of air, and their multi-layer construction resists punctures and tears to create a tight barrier around the food.

The bags are BPA- and phthalate-free, and come in a variety of sizes to meet every need.

For more information on the full line of FoodSaver sealers, click here.

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