Watch the world’s fastest deer skinner

This guy skins and guts a deer in less than two minutes – on video

I pride myself on being able to disassemble a deer pretty quickly. But judging from this video, I have a long way to go in terms of stripping down an animal.

This fella, who apparently works at Peach Orchard Deer Processing outside of Sumter, S.C., takes the hide off a deer and dumps its guts – and trims off fat – in less than two minutes. It’s a video you just have to see to believe.

The vid begins with the guy making an amazingly fast cut down one side of the deer with a knife that has to be sharper than any I’ve ever held. After cutting the skin back from that front leg, he repeats the process on the other side.

Then he strips the skin down the belly to the head before moving to the back of the deer and doing the same on that side.

The whole process — including cutting off all four legs, throwing the guts in a nearby container, and trimming the flanks and fat from the underside and rear legs, and cutting its head off — is a blur of motion.

“Done!” the guy who shot the video can be heard saying when the head of the deer was tossed into the garbage can. “A minute and 48 seconds. You go, dude!”


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