Miss. hunter sticks monster 19-point

Dulaney credits club’s wildlife management practices for 187 ⅜ inch-buck

Lots of people talk the talk about letting big bucks walk, but not everybody actually walks the walk.

But the guys at Ward Lake Hunting Club in Coahoma County, Miss. have been making a concerted effort to grow big bucks, and their patience paid off for Marc Dulaney when he arrowed a giant 19-pointer on Oct. 2 that green-scored 187 ⅜ inches.

“It’s a pretty nice deal to kill a buck that you have followed all the way through his transition to maturity,” said Dulaney, who shot the deer in Northwest Mississippi between the Mississippi River and the main levee. “It proves that if you can get everybody on board with the management program, from habitat to population, you can produce trophy animals.”

When the club got the go-ahead from a state biologist to harvest the big buck, it didn’t take Dulaney long to find the deer — he shot it on just the second day of bow season.

“We’d been watching this buck for so many years, I pretty much knew where he was living, what he was doing and where he was moving, and it wasn’t very far,” Dulaney said. “He had a very tight core area that he never left, and I’m talking about a quarter mile at the most. I knew where I needed to be and I hunted that stand.”

To get all the details on the hunt, click here to read the entire story from our friends at MississippiSportsman.com.

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