Millennium L105, L110 Ladder stands

There’s no place much safer to be up a tree than in a ladder deer stand, especially if it’s one of Millennium’s new L105 or L110 models.

Strapped in with a safety strap, you’re the king of your hunting domain, with a solid ladder and seat, plus a padded shooting rail on which to rest your rifle, shotgun or crossbow.

The L105 is an 18-foot, single-seat ladder. The L110 has a fold-up seat and larger platform that makes it bowhunter friendly, as well as a double-rail rigid ladder system that allows the stand to be placed anywhere from 8 to 21 feet off the ground.

Both stands feature an anti-flex support system that eliminates the need for a tree brace, and both come with 35-foot Safelink Safety lines and carabiners that allow you to raise and lower your weapon safely. Both have 300-pound capacities and weigh between 90 and 92 pounds.

MSRP: $299.99, $339.99.

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