Dumb video: Man wrestles 11-point buck

Large-racked deer grabbed by antlers

There are many who have hunted for decades and never laid eyes on a true trophy buck. These poor guys sit in stands for months on end just hoping a massive deer will step out.

Well, some dodo in parts unknown not only saw a massive-racked buck but went a step farther: He grabbed the antlers when the deer walked between him and a buddy.

And he did it while being videoed.

The Youtube vid looks like it was shot up north in corn country, an assumption supported by the accent of the man videoing the incident.

The video begins with the two men discussing the fact that the deer might be injured as the animal walks out of line of weeds into a harvested field.

As the buck walks across the field, Doofus No. 1 clucks and bleats as Doofus No. 2 begins easing toward the deer.

The buck stops and looks at the guy videoing the scene, and the second man is able to walk past the animal.

“He’s going to charge at you,” the guy with the camera tells his buddy, as the deer inexplicably begins walking between the two men.

As the massive-racked buck approaches Doofus No. 2, his buddy gives some great advice.

“Grab ‘im,” he can be heard saying.

I mean, at that point, what choice is there? At least Doofus No. 2 is smart enough to put on gloves as he walks beside the deer.

“You going to grab ‘im?” he’s asked.

Because Doofus No. 1 is such a friend, he bleats again to stop the buck — at which point, Doofus No. 2 reaches out and grabs both beams of the deer’s rack.

Strangely, the deer doesn’t react until the guy with the camera begins walking closer.

But action picks up quickly when the animal realizes it can’t get away.

Watch as the deer and the man wrestle around before the buck can break away.

Unbeliveable. And stupid.

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