Delta scouting continues, deer and hog sign remain consistent

I got a good, early start to my third scouting trip at the Atchaflaya Delta WMA. Again the first thing I noticed was hog sign everywhere. That is becoming the norm at most of the areas I have scouted so far, but should change somewhat when the season nears and there is more hunter activities.

For now, however, hogs are ruling the woods. It does make for an easier entrance to the woods for me, as I simply follow the hog trails into the thick brush.

Mosquitoes were not bad, but again the deer flies were off the chart. Be sure to bring a head net if you make a scouting trip down there. I couldn’t imagine trying one without it.

A doe and a yearling came up behind me, slowly feeding. I think they saw, heard or smelled me but did not spook. They just faded away into the myrtles after a few moments. I jumped another deer at close range inside the myrtles.

Again on this trip, I found very nice deer sign deeper into the woods. Well-used trails were numerous, and the browse was extensive in all the areas I walked.

One very important factor I have not mentioned yet is that, on the last two trips, the ground has been very dry in most areas. This makes for much easier walking than I am accustomed to. Even areas that usually hold 6 inches of water year round are now just moist with some not-so-soft mud.

You can cover so much more area, with much less fatigue, when you are not sinking in and having to exert so much effort to get your boot back out, on every step. This is why I believe I am seeing fewer mosquitoes overall, also.

I use a combination of ladder, climbing and tripod stands when I bow-hunt the Delta, depending on the area I choose to hunt and what best fits that situation. My climbers and tripods are in very good shape, but a few of my ladders need new platforms, so I am in the process of getting that done.

I have inventoried my other supplies, and still need a few accessories here and there.

I’ve also been trying to shoot my bow every other day to get those shoulder muscles in tune for the season. I also have been running two miles a day, three or four times a week, to keep my cardiovascular system ready for all the walking and (hopefully) dragging I will need to do this season.

So far, from the scouting I have done, I am very encouraged that we could have a good bow season down at the Delta. I saw some very nice bucks last year that I did not get a shot at (and to my knowledge were not shot by anyone else), so I would love to have another chance at again this season.

I should get down there for scout number four very soon. I will let you guys know how it goes ….