Young hunter kills second trophy buck in 2012-13 season

Big East Carroll Parish deer scores 149 6/8 inches Boone & Crockett.

Miller Holt may never kill another buck in his life. No matter — the 6-year-old has already accomplished over a five-week period what few deer hunters ever have the opportunity to do in a lifetime.

After killing a 168 ⅛-inch 14-pointer on Nov. 16, the young hunter knocked down a 9-point deer on Dec. 23 that scored 149 6/8 inches Boone & Crockett.

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It was raining on the morning of Dec. 23 when Miller and his dad, Tim Holt, climbed into a box stand on Pittman-Hogue Island next to the Mississippi River in East Carroll Parish.

“We decided to bypass the box we usually hunt from and set up in a stand owned by a friend who gave us permission to use it,” Tim Holt said. “We had seen this big buck on our trail cameras and felt that, with the rut kicking in, Miller might have a crack at him.”

On such a dreary rainy morning, Miller did what any normal 6-year-old might do when roused from a warm dry bed to go deer hunting: He stretched out on the floor of the cozy box stand and fell asleep.

“The rut was on in the area, and shortly after daybreak a doe came up to the rice bran pile 100 yards or so from the stand, and she was followed by a really nice buck. I nudged Miller awake and told him to ease up and get ready,” said Tim.

The youngster, who is accustomed to seeing big deer on the club where they hunt, took one look and his eyes got big and he whispered to his dad, “Look how wide that rack is!”

Miller got his gun up, put the crosshairs on the buck and squeezed the trigger. The buck bolted, but ran only 70 yards before collapsing.

“We didn’t have any trouble following the blood trail, and when we got to the buck Miller kept talking about how wide the rack was,” the elder Holt said. “For sure, it did have a wide rack. In fact, I never saw one with an inside spread that wide.”

The buck, which weighed 215, was an old deer in the 5- to 6-year-old range, and Tim surmised the buck probably was over the hill and wouldn’t grow any more inches of mass.

Sporting 9 points with 5-inch bases and 22 ½-inch main beams, the G2s were not especially impressive at 7 and 9 inches long. What was impressive is the feature young Miller spotted right off the bat when he kept mentioning the width. Inside spread on this buck stretched the tape to a whopping 23 inches of air.

The bar has been set really high for this youngster. The following day, Tim and Miller were back in the stand when a nice 130-inch 8-point walked out. Miller’s response?

“Nah….not big enough.”

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