2018-19 Deer of the Year

Since deer season cranked up last fall, Louisiana Sportsman has written up almost 50 stories about big buck harvested all across the Bayou State.

As expected, some real monsters fell over the last couple of months, including a potential new typical state record buck by Joe McPherson in Avoyelles Parish, an amazing 200-class non-typical beast downed by Malcolm Hilburn in Caddo Parish and a true public land hammer taken by Andrew Beach on Boeuf Wildlife Management Area in Caldwell Parish.

Of the 45 deer covered by the Sportsman, 37 cracked the 150-inch barrier, and of those bucks, 14 eclipsed the 170-inch mark.

We reviewed all of the big buck stories, and submit the following nine bucks for your consideration as the cream of this season’s crop — the true 2018-19 Deer of the Year.

The best of the rest…