Buckscore software makes scoring trail-cam bucks easy

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Buckscore is an extremely simple program in which trail cam photos are imported in and opened in the scoring screen.

First, the user simply chooses the state in which the photo was captured and the age of the deer. There is an option for an unknown age.

“It works best on photos where the deer is looking at the camera at a 45-degree angle or a side view,” developer Jeremy Flinn said.

A cropping tool zooms in on the antlers and head, and then the user selects a facial feature to be measured to provide the program with a baseline on which all antler measurements will be made.

For instance, users can choose between ear width, eye width and nose width for an image in which the deer is facing the camera.

“Listed in order of accuracy, ear width is the most accurate feature (for this photo orientation),” according to the instructional video.

The ear width is measured simply by clicking on each side of the ear with the mouse.

When this information is saved, it’s time to measure the rack.

A series of simple mouse clicks, with the program guiding the user through the process, is all that’s necessary to finish the process.

Buckscore works with typical and non-typical bucks.

Once all measurements have been saved, a score sheet pops up. Users can then choose whether to have the score displayed using the Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, Buckmaster or LongHunter systems.

And the best part of the entire program is the price: $24.99.

“We want people to use it,” Flinn explained.

The goal, he said, is to help educate hunters.

“Whether they are doing it for management or for fun, it’s subliminally teaching them how to score deer on the hoof,” Flinn said.

The program can be found at www.buckscore.com.

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